Saturday, 22 March 2014

Take a paper, Take a pen..doodle away now & then \ / \ / \ / \


On one of my road trips to Delhi recently, Mr Gupta was in one of his moods in which he does not really talk! like don't talk at all! and from Mr. Gupta becomes Mr. Hypersensitive. Now with time I have learned not to disturb him in such times and call it the "brainstorming sessions" (to feed his ego) when he comes to his senses.

So because it was a road trip and I had nothing better to do besides listening to music which Mr. Gupta had powered off! I decided to doodle away...and here its what resulted in:

What is Knowledge?
It is everything around, you can just let it be as it is or you can know how and be lead to the gates of enlightment
Have guts; loads of them; Guts to state what is right; Guts to say out loud what you think; Guts to say Yes; Guts to say NO; Guts to "BE YOU"

"GUTS is all its gonna take"
Take out time for yourself; Be alone; Let your mind wander away;Let them have their way;Let them tangle; When they will tire you will know PEACE.
 Be Original!!! Just sometimes be a Wild Child!!!

Ok I am capable of some craziness too.

Be great! and doodle away/\/\/\/\/\
C U! Take care!



Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Cycle

Today i am gonna keep it short & sweet, well not exactly sweet. I sometimes feel like I am Bess Marvin of Nancy Drew fame, remember one of the best friend of Nancy, always gaining or loosing 5 pounds ;) I have freaked out enough of my friends by asking them the same old glorious question, "Am I looking fat?" Thank God for my friends I got married last year and since have been shooting this question only at poor Mr.Gupta, who (good for him)knows enough to never ever say "YES" and I have always taken his word for it and ignored my jeans getting tighter on the waist instead blaming it on poor Bablu (the guy who does all the household laundry, besides cleaning, cooking and other miscellaneous chores) for shrinking my stuff all the time!

Well being so weight obsessed, "weight cautious" would not have been right here, I got a fitness membership with one of the gyms in Kanpur in the nearby locality immediately after my marriage. (Plz note my weight just does not budge due to no fault of mine as far as I know!)

Generally the bag I carry is locked in one of the many free lockers provided by the gym provided I get my own lock & key. That day I just forgot to carry my lock n key and had 1500/- in my bag and though hesitant I had to leave my bag behind. Done with my gyming when I returned the zip of my pretty Steve Madden draw string carry-all bag. And I know the worst had happened. On checking my fears came out to be true the money was missing. I complained at the reception they blamed me for not bringing the lock n key. I could not have blamed them for that.

I forgot about it in a day. Nobody bothered much not even me. It was just 1500/-. You can do so much for the time and energy spent on finding it maybe make a double or triple of it. So the case was ClOSED for good!!!

It made me think though, after all it had happened with me aur vo kya kehte hai apni hindi mein ki samajh tabhi aata hai jab apne per beeti hai...something something (meaning you only realize whats happening is not right when it happens with oneself).

It made me think that its never gonna end is it... the poor (the commoners - the major poppulation of India) are gonna steal because they never have enough and looking at the economy never will.

the upper middle/middle class the second major population of India will let it happen because they are scared of complaining and fighting back, wanna stay peacefully,some too educated and cultured for their own good. They just don't get our system and wanna stay far far away from the madding crowd. And the funny thing is even they steal. They steal from the rich, the boss, the big fat companies, the MNC's. Its done in several ways..fake vendors, bribes, purchasing good for personal use from company funds, data manipulation, manipulating the machines & what not!

After this comes the Big bosses...well they take it from "the people who wear nehruji's cap" (basically the "Onion people"). They are the privileged ones, people from everyone's dreamland! They take it upright from the onion people in form of approvals to illegal projects, common man's lands, and anything and everything they want and fill their bank accounts in tax havens.

Now comes the Onion people who control it all from vegetable prizes to rupee. They take it all from the common man, the poor, in the form of taxes!! they screw the poor bad

For now gentlemen and ladies it looks like the show is gonna go on like this forever with mango people loosing it all and onion people making sure they do loose it all!!

Ok I have to rush it up a little now Mr. Gupta is home and hungry! And as you know a hungry lion could be a dangerous one!(Chuckles) So gotta go and fix up a decent meal for him.

Love!C u!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Road Trip to Jaipur

Road Trip to Jaipur 

It’s a cold sulking day, like any other wintery day in Kanpur! For me it is something else though. Everything seems so much brighter, sunnier and happier and lovelier! OMG! That was funny never mind everybody because its my B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y  I am talking about . And I go crazy on my birthdays. Its proven. This birthday though is little different! 


My first “married” birthday!  Making tea for everybody in the morning that day was something that could have moved me to tears sometime back but not anymore. The transformational journey from Ms. Garg to Mrs.Gupta post marriage may have been little messy initially but now 359 day/nights later I feel like I have never known anything else. So much for a guy I have never seen or met or talked or even heard of last year. SIGH! Well this is true for most of the Indian women.
Tch Tch its not so bad though guys! Last night Mr. Gupta decided to be little cheesy on my birthday (so unlike him!) and surprised me with a “Teddy cum bouquet” and my favorite chocolate cake, decorated the living room with lighted candles and balloons and sang the old age birthday song for me . He even called 2 of his buddies to add some chorus. I could not stop kissing him, hugging him and doing what not, (grins!).

Mr. Gupta is a “Scindian”( a term used for the students of Scindia School, Gwalior). Being that is advantageous . You get to know the elite of India at such a tender age. Mr Gupta’s best friend is a blood relative of some Maharaja of Gwalior. I don’t know exactly what and who. All I cared about was that he was getting married and we were going to a royal wedding. Ooh la la!

Before you get all charged up and geared for “the ROYAL WEDDING” please note that I just went to the wedding because I wanted to accompany my husband. It’s a type of all boys wedding! I mean except for the bride of course, i.e. from the grooms side, only the males of the family went plus the grooms Sister plus uninvited me.

We started around 12:30pm on my birthday i.e. 1st of March, delayed by my early morning birthday celebrations followed by Mr. Gupta’s last minute salon visit, and factory inspection.

Although we took our driver but because Mr Gupta loves to drive and I love to sit next to him while he drives so it was us in the front while Driver saab relaxed and spread himself in the back seat of our very new Duster.

The ride was little bumpy till Agra owing to all the diversions the road builders have made. It is being said that the road to Agra is being made into a six lane road but I really doubt that’s true because in parts where the road is newly done neither looks any bigger than 4lane nor it looks anymore better. So I and Mr. Gupta came to the conclusion that they are actually trying to make an overbridge over all the villages, gillas and the smaller towns so as to make it convenient and faster for the travelers. What they are really trying to do is as we all know is a different story altogether! 

Tired of all the diversions and dust, we took a break at Sikandra which is just 1hour from Kanpur. Surya Dhaba on the outskirts of Sikandra is a modern dhabha with outside garden sitting and almost clean restrooms.

We had Dal tadka, Paneer Butter Masala and butter roti. I would recommend all the road travelers to avoid paneer at all costs when making a stop at such dhabas. I feel they are not upto the mark mostly in terms of quality n all.

After that the journey was pretty much smooth, if you don’t count the fights over the music selection, where I was bent towards English songs while Mr. Gupta wanted to play all the old sad songs. And while we are at it have you heard the song ALIVE- By the empire of sun?  It’s a must on your itunes collection! Oh! It almost make you feel you have a Life!

I forgot to tell when me and Mr. Gupta are on road trips I generally play the role of “not so good” or “a kid would be better than you”  kinda of NAVIGATOR using GoogleMAPS App. This app is a must have. I would highly recommend it. It had never got us wrong. With very little brains and a good internet connection, you are in for a hassle free, confusion free road trip. Whohoo here we come JAipur.

It took us good 9 hours drive to reach Jaipur including 40mins luch break and 30mins. Of getting stuck at a jam near Agra.The entrance to Jaipur is one of its kinds. Jaipur lies behind a long tunnel which is now all too freshly pink and fully equipped with camera surveillance, traffic control and other modern security. On the other end of the tunnel is a breathtaking view of the Aravali hills. When we entered, it sure made us think of some other era! 

Jaipur “the pink city” is not so pink anymore, besides the tunnel. You will find some pink houses here and there. We reached Marriott J.W. which is very near to the Jaipur airport and were received by the groom himself. His ‘down to earth’ attitude totally won all our hearts. He showed us all to our rooms himself and tried to make as much time for us as possible.

Hotel Marriott is like any other 5star with very helpful staff and good O2spa. Try the Balinese massage there its good. Restaurants and lounges are good enough nothing extraordinary but. We celebrated my birthday at The LOUNGE –a pub. The DJ was good, the crowd was soaring hot, which I really did not expect owing to the city’s reputation of protecting the culture. The only minus was there were no snacks being served at the place which was a big downer for us as we were little hungry after such a long drive.

After all the partying and catching up with old friends the Scindians, Mr. Gupta and me retired to our stateroom on the executive floor (7th floor) at 3am. Owing to the late hours we kept , Mr. Gupta could not make it for the breakfast the next day. I did though, and enjoyed my buffet breakfast at Okhra, a 24*7 multicusine restaurant on the ground floor, just behind the main lobby.

I settled for a corner seat which had a view of a huge artificial water body, the central area of the hotel around which the hotel building is built 7storeys tall. This water body is made of black marble and has water falling softly on all the sides where it collects and is circulated giving an impression of endless pool. It also has little marble vases with some green flowers coming out of it, 3 on each corner. They appear to be lazily kept over there and drifting away in the water. The thing which makes it most mesmerizing to me though was a marble window made in the exact centre of the pool. It was like a ‘window to the world”. Sitting there  alone I felt calm and felt seemingly happy. 


Rest of the day was already planned by the groom. We all had to go for the royal luncheon held in the moghul gardens of Jaigarh Fort which comes under the Maharaja of Jaipur who is a relative of the bride. On the way to Jaigarh fort was this local market johari bazaar. It sure looked heck of a place to make a stop for me with all the pink little shops lined  alongside for 1000metres selling silver jewellery, jodhpuris bright textiles but Mr. Gupta smelling the danger pressed the accelerator hard and made a dash for it!..and I missed my girl friends . What a lovely time we would have had here.

Rest of the day passed away nicely at Jaigarh fort, where we met lot of maharajas and kunwars, no kumaris and maharanis though, apparently I was the only lady there besides Prithvi’s sister and she had decided to skip the event due to some reasons unknown to me. Neverthless I got enough male attention from all the royalty being the only one although I would like to credit my good looks and impecaable lady like mannerisms for it (grins!). And we easily viled away our time in the moghul gardens of Jaigarh which once used to be for the ladies of the palace only.  

In the evening me and Mr Gupta had to make a quick stop at the World Trade Park  (WTP) next to the hotel. No no I didn’t need to shop. It was because I left Mr. Gupta’s tuxedo hanging in the almirah of our room in Kanpur. Let me mention though that when I gave this info to Mr. Gupta in the morning when he was in the bathroom going through his morning chores and I just behind the door (the timing to divulge the info was preplanned so as to reduce the impact of anger I was expecting) he took it without a blink. It was as normal for him as reading about celebrity breakups in the Kanpur times every morning. It was as if he almost expected it out of me. God! It made me love him more or what! WTP is a must visit if not for shopping(though it has all the high street brands) then for the architecture.

In the evening after returning I headed for my Balinese massage followed by jacuzi, spa and sauna at the O2 Spa@Marriott while my hubby in his brand new suit went to the city palace for the wedding. Yeah I could not go as was not supposed to go. Mr Gupta had a good time though. There was lot of alchohol (loads..Chivas Regal bottles were flooding the place or so I heard) and also a Light and Sound show talking about all the Maharajas who have ever ruled Jaipur.

With this our  small trip to Jaipur came to an end the next day. After thanking the groom and meeting the family we headed to Delhi. But that’s another story ..right ;)

PS: No one , I mean no one got to see the bride except the groom and I am guessing and hoping the Sister. She had a long ghoonghat covering her face. Sigh! So much for a guy she had never seen or met or talked or even heard of till 3months back. My my my ….it all comes with a prize, be it gargs or guptas or maharani’s!