Friday, 30 January 2015

On the way to the Office

On the way to Office

I am on my way to the office and I suddenly thought what would it have been like if the entire world would have followed the same culture, same language, same caste, same creed, same taste, same values, same beliefs, same religion, same kind of fashion, same type of books, same taste in food, same likeliness to films, same idols, same everything. What would it have been like then?

Well I am sure mostly everyone must have mused over it! And the answer I think will be what if we would have all been 1.

Sounds good doesn’t it, one here doesn’t mean together, it means we would have been just 1. We would not have moved on stuck to 1self, nothing beyond, like duplicates of 1, but no number 2. There would have been peace but there would have been no one to appreciate it because they would have never seen anything else. There would have been world with infinite number of 1s and nothing else!

For that is the price the world would have paid for all the 1ness

Abandoned for someone

I had been living a meaningless life for long and seeing you changed it all. You kissed my cheeks with your ruby red lips, caressed my face with your soft finger tips and held me tight in your arms as if never to let go. I felt like the most beautiful flower from the spring, but alas! the winter had come. You left me at the stairs of an orphanage for someone.