Friday, 30 September 2016

When I think Family, I think Pizza

When I think of family as a term the first picture  that comes to my mind is a family sitting around a table, laughing, talking, and eating together. Having great time enjoying each other's company. 

When I got married I realized that we as a generation have moved forward. Now we have become super advanced. We carry our entire family everywhere in our gadgets. We have WhatsApp groups by the name"family" which keep our small families together and integrated. We have a Facebook wall where our parents get to know that there daughter/son will come late because they are partying at that club with so and so. The Instagram updates the grandparents of all the fun activities that kids are into right now. Twitter is one of the best because it lets us have real conversations and arguments, let us share opinions and even ask for opinions from the third person. 
Wow! We have really grown up as a civilization. The best still, the trophy winner for me is FaceTime. Imagine talking, kissing, smiling, making eye contact and sharing jokes that too without sharing same time zone.

Everything is a touch away. 

Our virtual world is taking over our real world so fast that we soon will not be even required to run it.  
Soon our future generations will have robots. The movies like I robot, the Bicentennial man are not a very distant dream now. 

In this Mad World there is just one thing that has kept my family dream alive and that is my Pizza delivery boy. Thanks to him and thanks to those boxes that he get which smell of cheese and freshly baked  bread  my family is still drawn to the dining table once a week. We hungrily and rather quickly settle around the table and then we talk, we laugh together, we fight over the last piece, we make fun of the silent one, we pass each other pizza slices, Mr. Gupta ask his dad about his diabetes, Mummyji( my mother in law) could say to his son that he is looking so week today, and my family dream comes true for a short while. 

I love you Pizza. You let me live my dream once in a while.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Today is my first day at school

OMG! it's really happening. I am going to my babies first ever...hmmm..let me call it  social outing class. It's a weekly story telling class with some other activities. I am so so so nervous.

Why? Are you asking me why am I nervous? You have got be really dumb not to know why. But anyways for the benefit of everyone let me give you a few reasons: 

1. For starters my baby is just 11months old and her entire social circle development depends on the fact whether the other mums like me or not.

2. Secondly I am not exactly good with babies. Yeah I know I am a mom but my patience levels are already on the verge of bursting. I don't know which innocent soul might end up falling prey to my wrath.

3. Number 3 - mothers are so f***ing advanced these days. There babies are already following various kindergarten concepts, they are making there babies listen to Mozart and introducing them to soft books. Well I  am sorry but my baby so far has just learn how to crawl and stand and fall  and crawl and stand and fall and... Wait a minute that's all she does right now.

4. There is gonna be a teacher there. I was such an obedient child in school that every word my teacher used to utter was like a universal truth to me. I don't want that much pressure on me right now. Old habits are hard to change you know.

5. And lastly my baby is teething right now. And refusing to eat at all because of all the pain in the gums. So she is looking a little pale inspite of all my efforts to make her eat the entire day. I am scared to face other mommies who are bound to comment, 
"aww how thin you are my baby.. Mumma  does not feed you at all na..

Basically I am shit scared right now. As I am writing this post I am also keeping track of time. The backward counting has already begun. 

3 2 1 ...good morning ma'am!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why I love daddy more Mum

Yeh! I can't find mommy for sometime now. She is always there. Well! I am glad about it. But only she understands me well enough to make sure I never cry. Well daddy is here. The cooler of two, but not that efficient. Hmm.. I like daddy more. Why? You ask me why? There are thousands of reasons let me tell you a few.

21 Reasons why I love daddy more than you mommy 

1. He is always happy and relaxed while you are always worried for something or other.

2. He lets me eat anything and everything while you are always making this sound "no no no" when I try to eat stuff from the floor.

3. He lets me sip his special milk which tastes bitter but is sweet with so much froth on the top.

4. He feeds me breakfast from his own plate.

5. He does not wipe my face, my hands and my legs at all. I hate it completely when you do that.

6. He does not bother me so much for changing my cloths.

7. Also he lets me roam around in my diapers alone.

8. He lets me watch stuff on his shiny device.

9. I also get to eat the shiny device once we are done watching.

10. He never give me any of that white bland thingy to eat which you force down my throat everyday.

11. He swing me higher than you could ever imagine.

12. He lets me drive his car. I sit right in his lap and steer the wheel.

13. I sleep whenever and wherever I want to.

14. I also get to sleep on his face, on his tummy and everywhere else I feel like.

15. I can crawl everywhere. There are no restricted areas under his reign.

16. I can chew the earphones. Oh god ! They are so chewy.

17. I can chew his watch.

18. I can chew his key rings.

19. I can chew his belt.

20. We play "snatch the specs he wear over his eyes" all the time. That's such a fun game. I usually win.

21. I broke one of those specs once and had a gala time crawling around everywhere and chewing his shoes while the poor man tried to fix it with some glue. 

There are so many other things mommy but I think you get my point now.
After all this I still love you mom. Not as much as I love daddy though.
Night night,
Baby ;) 

PS: Bonus : he puts me in front of the air conditioner whenever I cry. Oh ! How it reminds me of my evening strolls by the sea with you both in Goa.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

When I missed you

There are two kinds of love. One whom you meet at some point in your life and start liking gradually and eventually fall in love with and secondly those whom you have always loved, who have always been there with you since you remember, souls who are a God's way of teaching you all about love.

I had this amazing guy in my life since forever till 4 years back. 
He was tall and handsome. 
He was well read and well travelled. 
He was kind and honest. 
He was hardworking and disciplined.
He was an artist and a poet.
He was a singer and a flute player.
He was a registrar in a degree college (Sub: English Lit.) and a beloved teacher.

Isn't he a package people. He was. He was somebody. For me he was more than just somebody. He was my grandfather. I was his best friend.  He was my second best friend after my father.

Some people are always there for you. So much so that you never really realize how important they are for all your trivial needs and wants unless they are gone. He was my that invisible guy. I was his favorite grand child from the beginning. I don't know why. Maybe because I spent the maximum time with him, or maybe because I never disobeyed him or disrespected him, or maybe because I inherited few of his traits or maybe because I was the only one who went to his room every night for bedtime stories of likes of Krishna, Rama, Pandavas etc. honestly, I don't know. 

He sure made me feel important though. He dropped and picked me to school everyday without fail. He dropped and picked me from all my coaching classes, dance classes, language classes, friends birthday parties and what not even when those bright flashes of headlights used to make driving almost impossible for him. He must have loved me to the core. He never failed to show up on time. He was always there. It is extraordinary for me because I have not known any guy in my 29 years who have kept his promises like he did. 

On my birthdays he used to get me my favorite Indian sweets, Cake and fabulous flower bouquets. How can someone make sure to do that every year? He never forgot. Never. I swear on God when I say that. Oh! How those beautiful bouquets used to fill my room with fragrance and my heart with joy every year. He hand picked each flower making sure they were fresh like his little flower waiting for them at home. He loved to write poems. He wrote several for me. He made birthday cards for me.
No one pampered me like him. 

I grew up though. I went to college, got busy with my life. Had some other guys in my life then.He was always there in the background.He waited for me always. He dropped and picked me to the airport which was 2 hours from my place. I think it was his deal. He kept his promise to always pick me even when he could not walk. He sat all the way silently in the car to meet me at the airport on time. But the thing is did I notice it then, what I write for the world to read now. A world in which he no longer exists. No I did not. I liked he came to pick me. But then I never expected anything less from him. He made himself so much available that I never realized what would happen if he was not. 

My worst regret is that when he was bedridden in his last few days and I was visiting him he held my hand tightly as I sat next to him.. He could not speak then. He gazed into my eyes though, lovingly. But I got up after ten minutes or so because I was bored and wanted to see my cousins who were at that time in some other room. I just said, "bye baba" and gently removed his hand from mine. What would have happened if I would have just let him hold it a little longer? What would have happened if I had not met my cousins that day and sat there the entire day? What would have happened if I would have not said bye baba and instead had said "I am there for you as long as you want me too."

What would have happened had I said, "I love you, I am gonna be right next to you till your eyes droop, your breathe slows, you dream a happy dream and you let go."

Night night ,
Mrs. Gupta

Thursday, 18 August 2016

When I ...

I am having a brain jammed week (on what to write) for the last two weeks as is very obvious from the long absence of any post on my blog.

I am still in no mood to write up much but did not want to break the continuity of posting on my blog so I am gonna let the pics do the talking.

When I joined Aerobics classes 

When I went to DELHI for Rakshabandhan 
When our babies tied each other Good Earth Rakhis

When I decided to flaunt my baby's shopping

When my baby decided to act crazy in Delhi

When we decided to party at DELHI Club House and the food was super yum.

When we decided to watch a movie in style@ Director's Cut Ambience Mall, Delhi

This sums up the goody goody part of my last two weeks pretty well. As for the rest, let bygones be bygones

Mrs. Gupta

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Challenge to myself : day 5 & 6

Had put mehendi on my hands so could not post yesterday. 
Weight : 76.4 kg

Not bad , not bad. 

Went for aerobics class today 

Not bad, not bad at all. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Challenge to myself : Day 4

Weight : 76.7kg

Whew getting back on track I guess! Although today I ate junk again. 

This post got little late today because I went to watch a movie today and was tired


Lov...Mrs. Guzzzzz

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Challenge to myself: Day 3

Weight 77.4 kg

I think I chose the wrong time to take up the challenge because everything that can possibly go wrong does. My sister in law is here with family for rakshabandhan holidays. I am hogging like crazy wherever we take her. 

God help me. I feel so stupid even writing   about it.

Night night
Mrs. Gupta

Friday, 12 August 2016

Challenge to myself: Day 2

Weight : 77kg

Something is not right with me. I am hogging like a pig these days 

Disappointed with myself 
Let's c how I do tomorrow. An error is not a mistake unless repeated thrice. Said who?- Mrs. Gupta

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Challenge to myself : Day 1

Weight : 76.1 Kg after 1 hour of aerobics session. 

Where I went wrong today : had noodles and Chinese gravy with coke late in the night 

Let's hope I don't commit same mistakes tomorrow again. 84 days to go.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Challenge to myself: Eat healthy and lose 15kgs

After giving birth to a baby girl last year I have gained a lot of weight. To be exact I am up by 15kgs of my normal weight. 

I am going to lose those extra kilos before my baby turns one and i.e. 3rd November 2016. 

There are total of 85 days left to achieve it. So to make it work I am going to post my weight every day till 3rd November'2016. 

Let's do it. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Weekly Book review : The Brethren by John Grisham

I love to read but sometimes you become so preoccupied with your life that your love, your relationships, your hobbies, they all suffer. To make sure that I don't fall in that pit I am going to write a book review every week on Wednesday and for that I will have to read a book every week. 

This week it is The brethren by John Grisham. 

I picked it on a whim. It has caught my fancy but it was a mistake.

It's disappointing. The plot goes like this. Three judges in a Jail with relaxed rules almost like a rehab facility, decide to scam rich gay guys by offering to become their pen pals and busting them once they get to know who they are. Then they blackmail them for money. 

They got Aron lake to write them too. He is the most talked about guy in USA right now.He is a promising candidate for the upcoming presidential elections with a dirty secret that he is gay. 

The story begins with 2 sub plots running simultaneously. On one side is A powerful guy Teddy who controls the entire presidential election and makes sure that Lake wins them too. Lake is a puppet Teddy is using for his own benefit unaware of him being gay.

On the other side are these three judges running the scam from inside Tumbler, the jail. 

The entire novel is how the two get entangled with each other.

The plot is not convincing enough. How come all the 3 judges were there at the same place. It is 21st century and being gay is as okay as having an extra marital affair in United States. 

John Grisham has definitely done some better work. He is more of an entertainer but this time the plot fails to do so as well. If we talk about the literature it's a passé. Nothing great. 

In all I would say if you are bored and have long hours in front of you with nothing else to do you can pick it up. But otherwise go for the older John Grisham novels like "The Firm", "The client"...the list is long and they will not disappoint you like the Brethren.

When I was a Bad Mom

Mr. GUPTA was tapping his feet on the floor, rather impatiently for the past 20 minutes. He is not the one for waiting. It's generally my task. I made him wait in the car outside my parents place. 

We were taking a trip to Agra. We have not been anywhere since our trip to Goa in February. Our feet were getting itchier day by day, our heart restless and our minds were going bonkers thinking when is the next escapade. 

The catch here is that we left my baby ( 9 months old) at my mom's place. Yeah I know tongues will wag. Some will say you are a witch. Why have one if you don't want one! Why make the baby go through all this pain of missing her mum! What is the harm in taking the baby!

Everybody, she is harmless, she is wonderful, she is my devilish angel, she is my lifeline but she is not my entire life. 

Yeah it sounds shocking when a mom says it so openly. But it is true. I love her and all but I do have a life beyond her. 

So I wanted a trip devoid of any responsibilities, like -

Baby has to poop 
Baby has to eat
Baby has to drink water
Baby has to get her diaper changed
Baby has to have her vitamin
Baby has to have her Gutti
Baby has to get a bath
Baby has to get a massage
Baby has to sleep 
And the list goes on

For once I wanted to be Mr. Gupta's carefree baby. And that's what I became for 48 hours.

We dropped her at my parents place around 4 in the evening on Friday. Though we left the town on Saturday but I wanted to be sure that she will be okay without me before leaving. The most important being the bedtime. That's when they want you the most. It all went smooth.

Me and Mr. GUPTA had a weekend. Yes it's not about being a great weekend or an okay weekend or a bad weekend. It was just about having a weekend to ourselves. 

When we picked up Divyanka on Sunday evening she welcomed us with a beautiful smile and little scolding in her language. Otherwise she was all fine and her usual self. 

I was relived it was a success. But it  is not over and gone unless my mum said in the end, " you are a BAD MOM to do so".

What do you think? Have I earned the title BAD MOM? Let me know in the comments.

Night night 
Mrs. Gupta 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Cursed child

After a lifetime I could feel the magic flowing in me again. I feel like a child again. It's Harry Potter's new release after all. It's my love. 

The play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" is sensational. It picks up exactly where Rowling left it in 2007 i.e.Nighteen years later. First of all it's a play. So the detailing and the elaboration is lot less but the charisma is intact. 

It's a story of Albus Severus Potter who is not like his brother and sister. He is the week and unworthy son of the great Harry Potter. To add to it he is friends with Draco's son Scorpius. 

Albus wants to prove himself to his father. The play talks about Harry's disappointment to understand his son and protect him from deadly evil that is lurking in the corner waiting for them. The play successfully covers the old characters lives and new ones adventures and how the two gets tangled .
Read on to know more and comment down below to share you views on this book. 

Sunday, 31 July 2016

My First Novel *Cherished Blogfest* #CBF16

A copy of "Those Dreadful Children" by Enid Blyton is my most cherished possession in the world. It was a gift I value above all because it introduced me to the magical world of books at a very early age. 

My parents gifted me that book when I was in 4th standard i.e. around 11 years old. We live in a small town with not many big bookstores. So one day they just told me get ready we are going shopping. 

Never telling that we will be travelling to another city, Lucknow which is 2 hours from there. Once we reached there they took me to a huge book store - UNIVERSAL.

It was beautiful. There were books everywhere. Stacked in order from top shelf till bottom. . It was love at first sight. I wanted my own library.

My parents that day did not just gift me a book. They gifted me a hobby. They introduced me to my then undiscovered love for reading. There in those racks of freshly printed copies of books I found a friend for life

I don't know why I picked this novel that day - Those Dreadful Children. May be because I was a goody goody child who wanted to know what makes children dreadful. The title was intriguing and so was the book. 

I read it again and again. Every time getting greedier for more and more words and stories. Its been good 18 years since then I never go to bed without one. I also got my dream home library recently.

Its all because of Those Dreadful Children of Enid Blyton's.

What is your most cherished thing? Share with me in the comments.
Written for Cherish BlogFest #CBF16 

Friday, 29 July 2016

My Modern Ayurveda Doctor

Yesterday was a good and interesting day. My baby had sprained her knee last week and she was neither able to crawl nor stand properly. I was really concerned and worried as any mom would be in this situation. I had made sure that she does not strain that knee of hers for the entire week. She was on antibiotics and pain killer. Yesterday I let her try crawling.She crawled normally. I sighed a sigh of relief.
Also its been raining a lot lately in my town. I love rain. Its the most magical season of all. 
And yesterday when I was visiting my parents place I bumped into a modern ayurveda Doctor. He has come down from Kolkata and when I entered the place he was in a deep discussion with my father. There is a tinted glass partition between the drawing room and living room. So I could only make out that my dad is in a meeting with some guy. My mum briefed me about him. Till then I had already envisioned that guy to be in mid fifties carrying lots of leaves and "jadi bootis". 
I also thought that I will consult him once and voiced my thoughts to my mother who totally agreed. So when my father came out of the room after consultation I said I will meet him too. As soon as I entered I was in for a shock, a good shock. It was a guy in his early thirties and he was dressed smartly, had a calm smile on his face. He appeared to be a modern saint to me. 

I said, "Hi!", ever so shyly and sat down on the sofa facing him.
Now sitting I could observe he wore specs, he was little bald on the sides of his forehead. He tarted writing something on his notepad. He asked my name and my age. Then he started talking.
I can say he sure know how to talk and be a good mentor. He told me that whatever we know about Ayurveda is a misconception. He said Modern Ayurveda is all about preventing any disease be it mental or physical.  It is our heritage which is lost and forgotten in India. Many people have thus started misusing the name Ayurveda by making and selling there own good for nothing concoctions and the art and science of Ayurveda for it is both is gradually getting lost somewhere. 
Then he said may I do a routine check up. I was little surprised on hearing that bcoz he had no instrument no stethoscope, etc. He asked me to extend my left hand forward palm side up. He placed three of his fingers around the wrist as if taking the pulse count. First with 3 fingers, then with two and lastly with one. He repeated the same with my right hand. He also saw my tongue. Meanwhile he kept on noting something on the left corner of the page marked with my name on the top as if making a case history. 
Once done with writing lot of codes he started, "Ok, let's talk about your mental health first". Now I am not telling you everything here but I can tell you this much that whatever he said made sense and was totally logical. He said out of all the elements present in my body, my FIRE element is most active. 
My thought on it, " I am on Fire, I am hot and good looking."

He meant, " You are very emotional, sensitive and forgiving. You are like a child but you are trying to cover it up".
He told me a lot about me in detail. It all sounded cool. Then we moved on to what is wrong with my internal body organs and muscles and nerves and what not.
When I mentioned, "So what is alright in me according to you?"
The answer reminded me of the old me. He said, "Everything is good. See you met me before anything could go seriously wrong with you. You would have noticed all this 20 years later when it would have aggravated to a serious condition. 
He prescribed lot of yog asans to do and dry fruits to eat. He also gave me ayurvedic meds. 

Once he was through all 3 of us and was just leaving. I asked him like a child (sarcasm intended) his qualification because I still had my doubts. He told me he is a MBBS and MD in Modern Ayurveda and the course takes as long as any other doctorate courses would.
That kind of satisfied me. I guess I will follow his prescription. At least every time I will take the meds I will remember a guy who was good looking, intelligent and a Doctor who was just talking to me, about me, and listened to me with full attention for full 20 minutes.
How many girls can say that they have had such an experience?
night night 
Mrs. Gupta
P.S. : I started gyming today and managed to twist my ankle. I am going to retire to bed early today.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ten to one, know me more

I have recently started blogging again thanks to my dearest friend Geetika. I hope I am able to continue it this time. I found this interesting and fun tag on her blog. So I thought, why not? lets take this self assessment, esteem booster, reality check questionnaire.

So here I go:

Ten Hows!

1. How did you get one of your scars? I got hurt in my left side of the lower neck in 10th standard, the cut was so deep that it had to be operated and that is my most prominent scar. It was so prominent that a guy said no to my marriage proposal when he heard about it (lucky me!)
2.How did you celebrate your last birthday? Mr. Gupta threw me a surprise birthday party at our favourite dinner place. It was so kewl of him to do that. I was flattered
3.How are you feeling at this moment? Anxious and restless. That's me. I get bored super easy. 
4.How did your night go last? Good. Me n Mr. Gupta partied till late with two of our close friends.
5.How did you do in high school? I was the fat, ugly and bright student. Deadly combination to have in high school. Pretty invisible to most except for the debates, extempore and prefect duties.
6.How did you get the shirt you are wearing? Wearing a zebra print kurti. My mum got it for me last year. Yeah I still wear what my parents like. 
7.How often do you see your best friends? Rarely. Thanks to the technology we all stay in regular touch. Special thanks to Facetime.
8.How much money did you spend last month? I overspent. It was a lot. There was SALE everywhere.
9.How old do you want to be when you get married? My dad decided that I should be married by the age of 25. He found one for me just 3 months before I was going to turn 25. 
10.How old will you be on your next birthday? 29

9 What’s!

1.Your mother’s name: Madhu, Her official name is Reena, but I like this one better. Madhu in Hindi means Honey. She is a sweetheart.
2.What did you do last weekend? Finished reading a novel by Danielle Steel in straight 10 hours. When I am hooked to a novel there is no stopping till I reach the end.
3.What is the most important part of your life? My daughter and my father.
4.What would you rather be doing? I am blessed to do whatever I want to.
5.What did you last cry over? Not having a great weekend. I cry over all kind of stupid things.
6.What always makes you feel better when you’re upset? Cleaning my wardrobes, putting everything away in order. It calms me down. Also there is "calling my mum" therapy.
7.What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other? Sense of humour and understanding that we are equal in every sense.
8.What did you have for breakfast? I had a brunch- Dal, Roti, Rice and Kheer (my mother-in-law speciality)

8. You's!

1.Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend? Yep, my school captain, Had a major crush on him.
2.Have you ever had your heart broken? Yes, Once.
3.Have you ever been out of the country? Yes. Almost every year Mr. Gupta take me on a trip abroad.
4.Have you ever done something outrageously dumb? Yes. I do it all the time.
5.Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend? Yes, its a long story. I learned a major lesson that day.
6.Have you ever had sex on the beach? Does villa on the sea side count?
7.Have you ever read an entire book in a day? Many times. Like I said I do it all the time.

7 Who’s!

1.Who was the last person you saw? My baby's maid
2.Who was the last person you texted? My friend with whom I was going to go for a walk today and she ditched.
3.Who was the last person you hung out with? My friends and Mr. Gupta
4.Who was the last person to call you? My Father
5.Who did you last hug? My sweet little baby 
6.Who is the last person who texted you? My friend explaining why she could'n make it for the walk today.
7.Who is the last person you said, “I Love You” to? My daughter. I say that to her all the time.

6 Where’s!

1.Where do your best friends live?  All over the world.
2.Where did you last go? Go go Goa
3.Where did you last hung out? Aroma's (a road side food joint)
4.Where do you go to school? Sheiling House School, Kanpur, Our motto is "For others"
5.Where is your favorite place to be? I recently visited Anacapri-Capri Island and has been since dreaming of buying a villa there and settle forever. Its heaven
6.Where did you sleep last night? On my bed, in my room.

5 Do’s!

1.Do you think anyone likes you? Yes. Many.
2.Do you ever wish you were someone else? I am my favourite person
3.Do you know the muffin man? Thanks to my daughter I do.
4.Does the future scare you? Yes. I am always imagining what can go wrong next. 
5.Do your parents know about your blog? Yes, They do.

4 Why’s!

1.Why are you best friends with your best friend? We never judge each other. Its fun when we are together.
2.Why did you get into blogging? I want to be an author.I think it is a great platform to form a base.
3.Why did your parents give you the name you have? My folks are from Vrindavan. Inspired by the place my great grandmother named me Radhika.
4.Why are you doing this survey? For fun and other things I mentioned in the beginning

3 Ifs!

1.If you could have one super power what could it be? To apparate like witches and wizards can do in J.K. Rowling's magical world.
2.If you could go back in one time and change one thing, would you? No
3.If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing, what would you bring? My guitar

2 Would you ever?

1.Would you ever get back together if one of your ex’s ever asked you? No
2.Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love? Yes. Absolutely.

1 last question!

1.Are you happy with your life right now? Yes, I love my life.

Do you want to do this? If you do please drop your link in the comments sections. I’d love to go through and know more about you!

Mrs. Gupta