Monday, 3 April 2017

#AtoZ blog challenge, C for Camouflage

(Story of a girl who is her own favourite person till the time she met this guy from her college at the bus stop and fell in love. And...)

It’s been some months since then
We had become friends by then
Maybe not the best ones
But good enough to have some fun
He was a geek
And I was so sure of what I thought I seek
He couldn’t care less
And I had become a glorious mess
Awaiting his morning messages used to keep me awake the entire night
Waiting for the bus by his side seemed so right
Hanging out with him and his group of friends was so cool

My friends were so right when they shouted, “you’re in love, you fool!

Written for AtoZ challenge! First time participating. Please don't forget to comment down below and share abut that first meeting with the guy/girl of your dreams. 

This is my story inspired by true events. Tell me yours. 

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