Tuesday, 4 April 2017

#AtoZ challenge: D for D-Day

(Story of a girl who is her own favourite person till the time she met this guy from her college at the bus stop and fell in love.They have become friends now and hang out sometimes. And...)

My birthday was round the corner
Our friendship had grown stronger and stronger
I should tell you my favourite day used to be my birthday
But this time I dreaded that day.
Nothing but one gift I wanted, inside me, my brain and heart had rifted
My parents pampered me to no ends, they thought I was gifted
Nothing mattered
And then he requested
We met in a nearby mall
There he had booked some big hall
It was just us two,
Some nice music, champagne and chocolates too
My heart was beating so fast

Was my wish going to come true at last?

Written for AtoZ challenge! First time participating. Please don't forget to comment down below and share abut that first meeting with the guy/girl of your dreams. 

This is my story inspired by true events. Tell me yours. 

Thanks for dropping by,