Monday, 17 April 2017

AtoZBlogChallenge: N for New Year’e Eve

Story of a girl who is her own favourite person till the time she met this guy from her college at the bus stop and fell in love. They parted ways after a year and she was settling in when...)

Now he was the naïve one
And I was the one having all the fun
All I needed to do was ask away
He had everything ready in a sway
It could have been my fairy tale
But that ship had left the harbor for an unending sail
His love was pure
About that I was sure.
But his eyes searched for the love in my eyes
And All he ever found was a face in disguise
He thought he will get the first kiss this New Year ’s Eve

Oh God! I felt disgusted with myself and he was so naïve.

(To be Continued....)

Written for AtoZ blogging challenge! First time participating. Please don't forget to comment down below and share abut that first meeting with the guy/girl of your dreams. 

This is my story inspired by true events. Tell me yours. 

Happy Reading