Thursday, 13 April 2017

For AtoZ blog Challenge: K for Kindle

Story of a girl who is her own favourite person till the time she met this guy from her college at the bus stop and fell in love. They parted ways after a year and ...)

He was everything I ever wanted.
But it was dirty play that he started.
I wanted my revenge and peace of mind,
Which I had no one to go to and find
I had heard it was best served cold.
Twisted I became and wanted to mould.
All the time I planned in my head.
Child like I issued revengeful girlfriend novels and read.
Nothing I did could satiate my anger.

I was like a favorite dress used too much and destined to be on a hanger!

(To be Continued....)

Written for AtoZ blogging challenge! First time participating. Please don't forget to comment down below and share abut that first meeting with the guy/girl of your dreams. 

This is my story inspired by true events. Tell me yours. 

Happy Reading