Friday, 7 April 2017

#For AtoZ Blogging Challenge: G for Gone are those days.

(Story of a girl who is her own favourite person till the time she met this guy from her college at the bus stop and fell in love. Soon they started dating. After 1 year...)

The college was soon to get over.
We turned out to be just like any other lover.
Omg! we had so many fights.
Our love had hit the bottom from a height.
I was scared what was next in store
Wait got over when he said, "you are a bore."
He started lying and I still waited.
I asked him, "why is love so overrated?"
He said be patient with me, be chill, be cool.
My friends said, "can’t you see, he is over you, you fool!"

(To be continued....)

Written for AtoZ blogging challenge! First time participating. Please don't forget to comment down below and share abut that first meeting with the guy/girl of your dreams. 
This is my story inspired by true events. Tell me yours. 

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